viernes, diciembre 10, 2004

NO, NO PRETENDO dar munición en contra del matrimonio homosexual para que alguien diga "pues se empieza en una cosa y se acaba en la otra", pero estas muestras de papanatismo son casi conmovedoras:

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Two animal conservationists have got married in a gibbon-style wedding ceremony in Thailand.

Briton Sam Lake met Israeli Norka Russin while working as a volunteer for the Return Gibbons to the Forest project at Phuket.

Mr Lake, 26, accompanied by a drum band and carrying trays of gifts, summoned his mate by imitating a male gibbon call.

His 28-year-old bride Israel responded with happy monkey calls while swinging down from a treetop into his embrace, reports The Nation.

After the wedding, at a wildlife sanctuary, the groom said: "Once the gibbon has chosen a mate it will not philander."
Lástima que se haya acabado el Fòrum: una ceremonia así habría sido una verdadera monada.