sábado, febrero 06, 2010

"ESTAMOS TOCADOS, pero ni se os ocurra pensar que estamos acabados": lo que Reformed Broker dice de la economía estadounidense debería servir igualmente para cualquier otra, aunque hay que reconocer que fuera de allí se está mucho más lejos de donde se debería estar. Pero lo que está claro es cuál no es la solución.
While the crackpot despots of Third World hellholes dare to mock the US Dollar and the armchair fatalists clog their blogs and Twitter streams with daily predictions of this nation's impending demise, it gets easy to forget how substantial the roots of America are - and how deeply they are planted.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that the Government can lead us out of our current fiscal and monetary predicament, let alone restore the depth and diversity of the labor markets.  The only hope we truly have is that the innovation and determination Americans are famous for begins to emerge from the abandoned entrepreneurial class.

The men and women who, against all odds, start businesses and pursue new enterprises in this environment are the people who will be hiring and spending to take us out of it.  Finding solutions to problems in a profitable manner is how American entrepreneurs will win again.
The solutions to long-distance communication and travel were hit upon by businessmen and independent inventors and these industries eventually spawned not millions of jobs, not tens of millions of jobs, but hundreds of millions of jobs over decades and around the world.

The solutions to health care, disease prevention and control, pollution, border and port security and energy austerity will never originate in the bowels of the Capitol Hill bureaucracy.  Rather, they will come from visionary and nimble businesspeople who are given the space and capital to solve them.
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