jueves, diciembre 29, 2005

SI ES QUE está claro: tener tropas en Iraq supone que los gloriosos resistentes no tienen más remedio que secuestrar a ciudadanos de los países invasores para presionar a sus gobiernos para que se retiren, ¿verdad? ¿Verdad?
A previously unheard of Iraqi militant group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of French engineer Bernard Planche earlier this month with a video broadcast Wednesday by al-Arabiya satellite channel.

An announcer for the channel said the group that called itself the Monitoring Brigade for Iraq had demanded that the French government end what the alleged captors called “its illegitimate presence in Iraq” otherwise it would kill the hostage.

The demand came even though France does not have troops in Iraq and was one of the biggest opponents of the U.S.-led war on the country.

(las negritas son mías)