jueves, mayo 24, 2007

¿DÓNDE HA QUEDADO toda esa cháchara de hace un par de meses sobre la tan temida ofensiva de primavera que los Talibanes iban a lanzar en Afganistán para hundir de una vez a los malvados imperialistas, y que tenía tan alborozados a los fascifistas? Pues aquí:
The Taliban's much-vaunted spring offensive has stalled apparently due to lack of organisation after dozens of middle-ranking commanders were killed by British troops in the past year, according to military sources.

The death last week of the key Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah at the hands of American special forces has harmed the Taliban's morale to the point that local commanders are having to tell their troops to "remain professional" despite the loss.

After suffering more than 1,000 dead in battles with the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines in the last year, the Taliban retired to regroup and re-equip last winter.

A spring offensive was ordered by the Taliban leadership based in Quetta, Pakistan, and was meant to be launched in late March.

But a lack of mid-level commanders has meant that there has been little co-ordination to bring about the offensive.