lunes, febrero 08, 2010

POR QUÉ OBAMA y tantos otros (y Zapatero no digamos, aunque diga que lo está releyendo) no han entendido nada del Keynes al que idolatran:
Keynes wanted deficits to be cyclical and temporary. He wouldn't have been in favor of efforts to raise tax rates in a recession to eliminate deficits. He viewed that as suicidal. He was opposed to the idea that governments should balance the budget during a downturn, and advocated running short-term deficits to spur the economy.

The type of stimulus he advocated was very specific. He said it should be geared towards increasing private investment. He viewed private investment, as opposed to big government spending, as the source of durable job creation. He also said that the deficits should be self-liquidating, so that the increased economic activity caused by the stimulus inevitably generated a combination of extra tax revenues and lower unemployment payments. With higher revenues and lower outlays, the deficit would disappear.
Son palabras de Allan Meltzer, de la universidad Carnegie-Mellon, que trabajó en las administraciones Kennedy y Reagan.