martes, octubre 01, 2013

LOS HOMBRES, más generosos que las mujeres. Al menos los millonarios; eso es lo que se desprende de una encuesta sobre con quién prefieren emparejarse:
The results revealed that the vast majority of millionaire men, 79.6 percent, seek out non-millionaire women, while 84.5 percent of the female millionaires would prefer to date another millionaire.

Darren Shuster, a representative for [2], said in a press release that one of the reasons rich men don't want to date rich women is because they want a partner they can take care of.

“We were very surprised to learn that the great majority of our male millionaire members sought non-millionaires,” said Shuster. “It seems that financially independent men want to share their wealth with those less fortunate. With women, the story is much different.”