viernes, diciembre 07, 2007

CHÁVEZ no parece estar ganando amigos, ni siquiera en la amigable Bolivia:
In a violent show of anti-Venezuela sentiment, a crowd of about 200 Bolivians hurled stones at a Venezuelan military plane and prevented it from refueling after it landed on Thursday, local radio reported.

After hearing the incoming plane, the mob seized control of the airport in the Amazonian city of Riberalta and attacked the aircraft. Regional leaders had said they suspected it was carrying arms and not humanitarian supplies, according to the radio reports.

"We won't put up with these Venezuelans who come to the country and do whatever they want. We won't let any Venezuelan planes come here," Mario Aguilera, a Riberalta opposition leader told Erbol radio as the demonstrators chanted "Independence, Independence".

The incident forced the plane to take off without being able to refuel and the provincial airport director told Erbol it eventually landed across the border in Brazil.
ACTUALIZACIÓN. Aquí hay fotos.