sábado, agosto 20, 2005

YA ERA HORA de que empezara a pasar -tímidamente aún, pero son primeros pasos en la dirección correcta- aquello que se supone que nunca iba a ocurrir. Nos hemos hartado de escuchar que la política guerrera y sanguinaria de Bush iba a provocar que se exacerbara el fanatismo y que sectores moderados del Islam serían empujados al radicalismo como reacción a la sed de sangre del texano. "La brecha entre Occidente y el Islam va a aumentar", decían.

Moderate Moslem voices are now being heard, which is a major victory in the war on terror. Since the emergence of radical Islamic terrorism in the 1990s, one of the major failures of religious and political leadership in the world's Moslem community has been their apparent unwillingness to openly criticize fellow Moslems. While this reticence is not unknown in the leadership of other religions plagued by radical extremists, given the strength and lethality of Moslem radicals, this failure to openly confront the extremists has led to considerable public outcry in the non-Moslem world. Of late, however, there are indications that Islamic religious leaders are becoming increasingly aware of how their failure to speak up has served only to encourage the radicals, while further discrediting Islam in the world at large. For some time now Afghan and Iraqi clerics been speaking up, often at considerable personal risk. By ones estimate some 200 Moslem clerics have been slain in the past year or so because they spoke out. And of late, other voices have been raised as well.
Es un nanay con ejemplos, así que seguid leyendo.