jueves, septiembre 30, 2004

¿QUE ESTÁ PASANDO en Irán? Difícil saberlo dado el hermetismo de todo régimen tiránico, pero según Free Iran se están produciendo levantamientos por todo el país:
Reports over the past 24 - 48 hours via several important information services such as SMCCDI, Peykeiran, Zagros and direct email reports and phone calls from Iranian citizens is beginning to shine light on what at this time looks to be country-wide fighting and quickly escalating into what could potentially become a freedom revolution.

Several independent citizen sources have reported the formation of significant crowds throughout the country, and have heard many loud explosions and gun shots, including in the cities of Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz.

SMCCDI and Peykeiran have both reported intense battles between freedom-loving Iranian citizens and the regime's fanatical militias in the village of Meeyan Do Ab. Both sources are reporting many deaths and injuries both to the villagers and regime's forces.

In the past week and recent days, many regional commanders and leaders of the regime's militias have been targeted and killed along with many of their militiamen.

Initial reports from Iranian online news sources as well as from western satellite news media are reporting intense fighting throughout Iran, and report that such fighting is increasing at a constant rate.

On September 28th, SMCCDI reported that in Iran's main southern port of Bandar-Abbas located by the Hormoz Strait on the Persian Gulf, heavy fighting between Elite commandos of the Pasdaran Corp and Iranian residents who were protesting the regime's murder of three fishermen broke out. Angry residents attacked several public buildings as well as regime vehicles with incendiary devices.

Reports also indicate that Bandar Abbas is the main commercial entry to Iran and its paralysis could help spark unprecedented chaos that would severely threaten and likely cause the fall of the Islamic Regime.

Regime forces are also acknowledging the discovery of several ammunition depots used by Iranian citizens against the Mullah's militias.

At this time and for several months now, regime security forces have remained heavily deployed in the most strategic areas of Iranian cities in an effort to prevent the spread and growth of any major uprising.

The current situation appears to be quite explosive at this time.
(via Roger Simon)

Varias webcams en Teherán transmiten imágenes de absoluta normalidad, pero evidentemente sería ingenuo pensar que los ayatolás permitirían que se viesen los tumultos.

Michael Ledeen comenta que ha recibido información sobre una oleada de detenciones en todo el país, y varios episodios de violencia.

Igual están protestando porque una de las escasas películas occidentales que les dejan ver ha sido el docutrola Fahrenheit 9/11 de Michael Moore, y por lo visto no les ha gustado nada...