jueves, junio 03, 2004

EL MEDALLA-GATE de Bono está teniendo eco internacional: Expatica, Arthur Chrenkoff, Volokh, Instapundit; el Financial Times dos veces; ayer, por la entrega ("The new Socialist government in Madrid has honoured the man responsible for the heroic task of sitting behind his desk to sign the order withdrawing Spanish troops from Iraq"), y hoy por la retirada ("Just hours after Observer brought news of the medal awarded to Spanish defence minister José Bono for valiantly ordering the recall of his country's troops from Iraq, back the gong goes").

ACTUALIZACIÓN: Via Instapundit, veo que hay quien sugiere conmemorar la hazaña con una canción de Monty Python.

UPDATE: Thanks Eugene for volokhing me, and welcome to all his readers. Feel free to roam around as long as you like, and please be assured that the contents in English here will grow and become a regular feature shortly. And yes, the label is partially facetious, though in my case it doesn't detract one bit from the anger and shame over this flap, another embarrasing moment in the recent history of our country. Anger and shame which has been generally minor because of the general support to the government decision to run from Iraq (which I don't share, but I'm afraid I'm in the minority here), so people have been quick to forgive, and the reaction was relatively muted.