viernes, junio 25, 2004

YA NO ES SÓLO "un obús con gas sarín" lo que se ha encontrado en Iraq:
Insurgents in Iraq are seeking chemical arms and expertise left over from the regime of Saddam Hussein for possible use against U.S. and allied troops, an intelligence official in Iraq said yesterday.

Charles Deulfer [sic - el apellido correcto es Duelfer -- F.A.], the head of the CIA weapons inspection team, also said in a television interview that weapons searchers so far have found as many as a dozen chemical-filled bombs.

[...] On the chemical munitions, Mr. Deulfer, who replaced David Kay as the head of the Iraq Survey Group earlier this year, said that the group has uncovered 10 to 12 bombs filled with blistering mustard gas or the nerve agent sarin.
"We're not sure how many more are out there that haven't been found, but we've found 10 or 12 sarin and mustard rounds," he said. "I'm reluctant to judge what that means at this point, but there's other aspects of the program which we still have to flush out."

[...] Officials said the chemical munitions were probably stored with conventional arms in some of the thousands of weapons depots located throughout Iraq. Military officials have uncovered some 8,700 weapons depots and continue to find new ones, and estimate that the weapons depots in Iraq contain between 650,000 and 1 million tons of arms.

The dumps are believed to be arming the anticoalition insurgency as former regime elements and terrorists join forces in conducting attacks.
(las negritas son mías)

Y con el trabajo que queda por delante, y con las sorpresas que da la vida... No hay manera de saber si van a salir más cosas o no pero esto es una noticia que el público merece saber. ¿Por qué el silencio mediático?

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