viernes, marzo 11, 2005

The AP reports that the Italian story of Giuliana Sgrena's release and later wounding at an American checkpoint, which also resulted in the death of intelligence agent Nicola Calipari, continues to fall apart. Two Italian newspapers now say that the general in charge of the Sgrena operation did not inform the US that Calipari's mission was to free Sgrena, and one of them reports that General Mario Maroli didn't even know it himself.
ACTUALIZACIÓN. Leed también esto y esto.

ACTUALIZACIÓN II. Y esto, del blog italiano The Joy of Knitting:
The far left keeps saying that the tragic accident on the road to Baghdad airport was no accident at all but it had been planned. Let’s see. Some Americans, cunningly disguised as Americans, ambushed the woman who knew too much and her escort. Having managed to kill one and wound the others, they didn’t finish the job but left her very much alive, so much so that since her return she hasn’t stopped giving interviews and writing for her newspaper. Ah, puhlease.