sábado, diciembre 18, 2004

MÁS DE UNO (incluyendo a Kofi Annan, su hijo y personajes del establishment político en Francia, Rusia y otros países, incluido el nuestro) va a tener sudores fríos cuando lea que Tareq Aziz, la cara amable del sanguinario y genocida régimen de Saddam Hussein y a punto de ser enjuiciado, está cantando como un jilguero:
David Kay — a former U.S. adviser in Iraq — spent months questioning Aziz and others. He says Aziz quickly turned on Saddam and could testify at any trial.

"He talks about direct orders to murder, to assassinate, to kill," says Kay.

NBC News has learned U.N. investigators probing corruption in the U.N. oil for food program were scheduled to question Aziz last week. That session was delayed for security reasons.

The U.N. investigation — led by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker — is looking into Saddam's alleged diversion of oil money that was supposed to go for food to U.N. officials and politicians in key countries.

U.S. officials say Aziz already has implicated the French and others, claiming payoffs were made with the understanding that recipients would support Iraq on key matters before the U.N.

"He pointed to specific individuals in Russia and France, in the United States — that received favorable treatment," says David Kay.