martes, marzo 15, 2005

PREPARAOS PARA EL ESPECTÁCULO porque será digno de verse: quienes hace poco pintaban a Rocco Buttiglione como un dinosaurio intolerante, dentro de nada lo pondrán por las nubes, como ejemplo de honradez anti-imperialista y apóstol de la -mal llamada, por cierto- legalidad internacional:
Rocco Buttiglione, Italy's minister for Europe and a leading member of the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation, has said he is willing to go to Baghdad and give character testimony on behalf of Iraq's former deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Tariq Aziz.

"The man I've known was worried for peace, willing to explore all possibilities to avert war and prevent his country from having innocent victims,” Mr Buttiglione told La Repubblica newspaper. "If my testimony, my telling things I've seen or heard, can be useful, I'm glad to give it."

[...] The London Tablet reported at the weekend that some commentators have speculated that Mr Buttiglione's testimony on behalf of the former Iraqi official could embarrass the Italian Government, which solidly backed the US invasion.
(via Robert Duncan)