jueves, septiembre 15, 2005

UNA ENCUESTA DE GALLUP que no veréis en esa prensa española que tanto destaca las encuestas siempre que el resultado sea el que les gusta:
Initial Response (total good)
44% (good) George W Bush
39% (good) Residents of New Orleans
38% (good) State and local officials in Louisiana
36% (good) FEMA/federal agencies
NOTE: The President's INITIAL response to Katrina was rated higher than ANY of the other options -- Does anyone remember reading this anywhere . . . nuf said?!

Recent Response (total good)
58% (good) George W Bush
59% (good) Residents of New Orleans
57% (good) State and local officials in LA
56% (good) FEMA/federal agencies

Federal Government:
Despite the Mediacrats best efforts, Gallup discovered that 60% of repondents still had confidence in the federal government's ability to handle natural disasters and 63% had confidence in the government's ability to handle terrorist attacks.

The President's Job Approval:
46% approve
[UP from last week's 45% and last month's 40% . . . similar to Rasmussen's 47% approval (50%/likely voters)and certainly much higher than the BOGUS ratings recently published by AP, Newsweek and ABCNews/WashPost]

The Blame Game:
49% of Americans say the media are spending too much time trying to affix blame
48% say the same about Democrat leaders in Congress
31% say the same about Republican leaders in Congress
[Not all Americans are brain dead sheeple!]
Lo que menos veréis es este último grupo, porque resulta que tanto decir la prensa que la mayoría de norteamericanos rechazan a , en general y por su gestión del Katrina, y ahora resulta que aún hay más gente que rechaza el papel de esa prensa que tanto denuncia. No, no lo veréis.